About us

The main activity of LLC Refonda is the purchase, processing and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. The goal of our company is not only to offer a wide range of services to citizens, companies and state institutions in the field of recycling of secondary raw materials, but also multifaceted activities in the preservation of the surrounding environment and the depths of the Earth.

The company’s scrap metal reception area is located in Riga: Lēdurgas Street (intersection with Tvaika Street in the territory of “Jaunmīlgrāvis Port”).

The reception areas are equipped with electronic scales and loading-unloading equipment. There is a container park, with possible loading and unloading of scrap metal. The area adjacent to the pier is used for scrap metal storage and unloading. The permissible draft of the pier is approximately 10 m, which allows unloading of ships with a cargo capacity of up to 20,000 tons.

Also, LLC Refonda deals with the dismantling of reinforced concrete and brick buildings, dismantling of equipment and offers specialised transport services. Our company has a flexible financial policy in relation to its customers, focusing on offering the highest possible price and ensuring the shortest payment terms, which also allows us to expand the range of customers cooperating with LLC Refonda.

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